We can never ever hope to compete with our creator but we can look for inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us and lose ourselves in it’s inspiration for a little while.

When I paint I want to create beauty. I want to look at a something and not just glance but to be able to go back and look again and again and see new things and beauty that I had not noticed before.

A few of my customers with their paintings

Customers with their paintings

What my customers say

Loving the Picture Sue , just waiting a few days  before I hang it as some bits to move around but I’m in love with it , Thankyou very much for safe delivery xx


Wow! Thank you! We are quite reserved people, so I hope our reaction was what you had hoped for. The painting is definitely more that we had anticipated, and I we are going to have to spend a long time taking it all in once we get it home and hung. X

Jill and Peter